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Humans of Gaming Podcast

Apr 17, 2018

Drew is at PAX East with a mic and over 30 developers to interview. Contained in this interview bonanza is a glimpse not just of the games these developers make, but why they make them and what they hope you, the gamer, gets out of the experience they have labored on. In Part 1 we talk to the following developers about their games:

  • Paul Neurath, Underworld Ascendant
  • Tommy Refenes, Super Meat Boy Forever
  • Carrie Patel, Pillars of Eternity 2
  • Juan de la Torre, Solo
  • Dan Cox, Below
  • Tomislav Pongrac, SCUM
  • Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo, Take This
  • Jennifer Schneidereit, Astrogaster
  • Richard Rouse III, The Church in the Darkness
  • Matt Jackson, Death Garden
  • Andrew James, City of Brass
  • Ana Ribeiro, Pixel Ripped 1989
  • Derrick Bradley, Ashen